Website: Syngenta Plight of the Bees

This website is Syngenta’s portal for the bee issue. It covers the basics; the causes behind the decline of bees; and the latest research. It also provides news and data (their blog is especially good). It is a wealth of information on the bee issue.

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Website: Bee-Doc

EU project aiming to fill knowledge gaps in honeybee pests and diseases, including the ‘colony collapse disorder’, and quantify the impact of interactions between parasites, pathogens and pesticides on honeybee mortality.

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Press Release: Bayer CropScience US Launches New Website Focused on Bee Health

Bayer CropScience has launched a new bee health component to its US Website. They want to highlight the important role bees play in agriculture and demonstrate Bayer’s commitment to ensuring bee health.

The site features information on the important role bees and pollination play in agriculture and how Bayer is working to protect bees.

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See Bayer CropScience “Commitment to Biodiversity” website (EU)

Press Release: Bayer initiates global “Bee Care Program” to further promote bee health

The “Bayer Bee Care Centers” are part of the global “Bee Care Program”. The European Bee Care Center opened in Monheim, Germany. While currently a Center in North Carolina is being developed. The centers will be a scientific and communication platform that consolidates Bayer’s bee health projects. They will also foster information sharing with external partners and promote new ideas to improve bee health.

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Bayer’s commitment to biodiversity

Social Media: Find BASF Crop Protection on Facebook and Twitter

This page is a platform where we want communicate and discuss stories relating to bee health. Users must have a Facebook account to post messages or comments.

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Publication: Honey Bee Health by Bayer Bee Care

This publication by Bayer Bee Care covers the issues affecting honey bees; what steps can be taken to protect them; and how Bayer is contributing to improving bee health.

It offers solutions to a variety of challenges including: pests and pathogens (including Varroa), “Colony Collapse Disorder”, nutrition, and weather effects.

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Website: Syngenta Operation Pollinator

Operation Pollinator is Syngenta’s 5 year biodiversity program designed to boost the number of pollinators on commercial farms around the world. So far, the collaborative project has accumulated 10,000 ha of habitat!

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Social Media: Find Bayer Bee Care Center on Facebook and Twitter

Want to discuss stories relating to bee health? Connect to Bayer’s Bee Care Center on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Users must have a Facebook account to post messages or comments.

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See Bayer CropScience “Commitment to Biodiversity” website

Leaflet: Proper Planting of Treated Seed & Sustaining Bee Health by Bayer CropScience

This leaflet for growers offers information on responsible stewardship principals. It describes how to properly manage the treatment of seeds and, in doing so, protect bee health as well as the environment.

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